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Subject: Re: Animals and Earthquakes
From: Dick Habegger amej@.............
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:26:55 -0800

Hi All,

I think the "Myth" of 1985 is a government cop-out.

As part of the HAM "Seismic Precursor Net" in the Los Angeles area at 
that time,
we monitored well water levels, various monitoring instruments and local 
newspaper "Dog & Cat Reports".
This was due to Jim Berkland's
investigations into the dog and cat reports.

Granted, we did not prove any method for seismic activity, but since 
that time animals have had some very interesting behaviors before an 

One of our good predictions was the Whittier earthquake. We had our net 
the night before and there were some changes in the readings
(I cannot remember the exact measurements). So, we forewarned ourselves 
that an event would occur within the next 24 hours. I secured all I could,
and living in Anaheim (15 to 20 miles from Whittier, I was ready. It 
happened within 12 hours!

Jim Berkland has recently suggested that each person and animal has a 
magnetic node near their brain and eyes. The electrical "precursor" 
excites this node, causing a reaction; piezo electrical effect?

Has strength is in the Full and New Moon phases. We are just three days 
away from New Moon. Again, is this a myth?

I have seen that USGS has modified their stance on seismic activity and 
openly warned Southern California to be ready.
San Bernardino County has taken this warning seriously.

I am drifting away from the main discussion, however there are many 
reasons to discount a myth.

Dick Habegger
Phelan, CA

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> Subject: Animals and Earthquakes
> I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the CERT program (Community
> Emergency Response Team) which was developed in 1985 by the 
> Los Angeles City Fire Department in 1985 to train ordinary citizens to be
> first responders in a major disaster.  The program was 
> later adopted by FEMA (1993) and the training materials are available online
> at
> In their training manual they discuss various earthquake myths.  One of them
> perplexes me and I would love to hear from anyone who 
> can explain this.  Below is the material in their training manual.  My
> questions is what are the "first low frequency waves of an 
> earthquake" that come PRIOR to the primary and secondary waves?  Are they
> talking about EM or non seismic waves?
> Their training guide.....
>       Myth:
>      Animals can sense earthquakes and give advance warning.
>       Fact:
>      Animals may be able to sense the first low-frequency waves of an
> earthquake that occur deep within the Earth, but the 
> damage-causing primary and secondary waves follow just seconds behind.
> Animals do not make good earthquake warning devices.


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