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Subject: Velocity Sensor Designed Specifiically for diff input
From: "Geoffrey" gmvoeth@...........
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 10:07:47 -0700

Hello Chris;

Are you able to provide us with
a mag/coil design with three wires
specifically designed to work
with a differential amplifier.
This would mean a center tapped coil
with two wire each one going
to + and - and the third wire
going to neutral ground ?

( balanced input ? )

I am only interested in the
sensor and not the associated

The only way I know is two identical
coils joined in an additive way
putting the join point at ground.

But, I understand there is an
impedance difference between
plus and minus inputs
into the op amp and this
may be needed to be considered
in the design of the sensor itself ?

I think of your design which
uses several small magnets and
a rectangular coil.

Some three wire version of that
for a vertical sensor.



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