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Subject: Re: Ham radio interference
From: Thomas Dick dickthomas01@.............
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 13:43:21 -0600

Thanks Jerry  AB5R;

Another interesting input ... you know 10 meters is fluky and running 
400 watts was a pain. But I never run over about 100 watts on the low 
bands since I got rid of the repeater. The 10 meter antenna is at 80 ft 
and the 160meter antenna is right up theat while the 2 meter antenna is 
side mounted on the tower at about sixty feet it is the 
fartherest from the seismic equipment  which is in the basement. The 
80-40 antenna is on the tower  at about 35 ft.

You jusr brought me to look at something. I use computer cable (Type CM 
24 AWGE151955 CSA LL79189 TIA/E1A-568A) from the basement upstairs 
....haven't gone WiFi with that computer yet. That may not be shielded. 
But that shouldn't show in the window on the recording computer ... by 
the way, I use VNC within my network so I can see the computer that is 
recording .... I use WinQuake and WinSDR
> Since then, I have moved back to Texas and have just recently got my 
> antennas back up.  Now, I do not get interference on HF, but do when 
> on VHF.  The HF is a vertical mounted on a chain link fence about 75 
> ft away, but the dual-ban VHF/UHF antenna is loser mounted on the house.
> Regards,
> Jerry  AB5R
I have heard that grounds in Texas soils are hard to come by.

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