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Subject: Re: Help me LEARN
From: Thomas Dick dickthomas01@.............
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:54:06 -0600

GPayton wrote:
> After reading many posts on the PSN Net, it is obvious that I know 
> very little as compared to MANY of you out there.   I am often 
> embarrassed to ask a question and turn to the books to try to resolve 
> my question(s).  Even at that, many time I fall short.
> So!  Question:
>     1)    Today's trace of the 3.1 event in Oklahoma  displays 
> in WinQuake that both the *Pb* & *Sb* were seconds *_BEFORE_* the *P* 
> & *S* times.  To me, that seems like I get a bouncing ball BEFORE I 
> actually drop it!  What did I do wrong?  Is this a matter of the 
> "tables" being off?  Or, am I wrong in assuming it is incorrect?
>     2)    Another "pause" that I have when using WinQuake of any event 
> is HOW LONG to plot it.  Obviously, a local event would be short, a 
> regional would be a little longer and a teleseismic may be over an 
> hour.  But, I was wondering IF there was a rule-of-thumb time that you 
> experienced people use?
> Thanks & Best regards,
> Jerry
According to the St. Louis network
> _
, this quake was not a good one ... they rated it as poor. I have 
followed their analysis faithfully and such a rate makes for some poor 
readings of the incoming times of wave types.

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