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Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 05:45:48 -0700

It is not unusual to get signals several seconds
in difference to the models.

Your tables should be designed
for your exact geographic location.

The models used by Winquake are most likely
a general type table.

The thing I like are those theoretical tables
built by the USGS as they relate to your position and
the earthquake in question.

Sometimes but not always. I get results almost exactly
the same as those theoretical computations.

I compare my signals with Phoenix initially.
Most always I get results consistent with
my location relative to Phoenix and
the Earthquake.

I missed this last 8.8 EQ because if my
times has not been calibrated within the last 24 hours
I simply turn off the program collecting the info
till I can get the clock set to WWV.
I use a free running modulo counter to
calibrate my times due to the fact
my WWV radio signal is horrible and I can
not afford the opportunity costs to have
a GPS calibration and I will not run
a time sharing program to collect information
like Windows.
I consider my times very good
when the clock is properly set.

Very good to me is like +/- 0.1 second.

But to the USGS its probably more like +/- 0.000000001 second.
Light travels in a vacuum (Deep Space) maybe 11.8 inches in this time.

If your times are a bit off after calibrating
and coordinating your time do not worry
about a few seconds of difference.
After all, we are Armatures and not serious scientists.

Gut Luk Comrade, :-)

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Subject: Help me LEARN

> After reading many posts on the PSN Net, it is obvious that I know very 
> little as compared to MANY of you out there.   I am often embarrassed to ask 
> a question and turn to the books to try to resolve my question(s).  Even at 
> that, many time I fall short.
> So!  Question:
>    1)    Today's trace of the 3.1 event in Oklahoma  displays in WinQuake 
> that both the Pb & Sb were seconds BEFORE the P & S times.  To me, that 
> seems like I get a bouncing ball BEFORE I actually drop it!  What did I do 
> wrong?  Is this a matter of the "tables" being off?  Or, am I wrong in 
> assuming it is incorrect?
>    2)    Another "pause" that I have when using WinQuake of any event is 
> HOW LONG to plot it.  Obviously, a local event would be short, a regional 
> would be a little longer and a teleseismic may be over an hour.  But, I was 
> wondering IF there was a rule-of-thumb time that you experienced people use?
> Thanks & Best regards,
> Jerry 

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