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Subject: Re: What Would It take ?
From: "Jim Santee" jsantee@............
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 08:33:21 -0800

"I wonder if Tripler Army Hospital will still be there
after the Tsunami hits Hawaii ??"

Tripler is well above the "high water mark" It is the greater downtown 
Honolulu area that needs to be worried. The highways are easily clogged even 
under non-peak hours. I was driving from Kaneohe to work on Sand Island 
(Honolulu) one morning and my car broke down in the Likelike tunnel during 
rush hour - I had traffic backed up for nearly ten miles with those who made 
it through were giving me the "Hawaiian good luck gesture". Even under the 
best of conditions getting to high ground in heavily populated Honolulu 
would be very difficult.

"Military medicine leaves a lot to be desired"
Really pretty good. Better than most civilian clinics I have been to.

"Hotel Street was full of nasty gangs.Like, waiting for the bus at 2am your 
very life was in jeopardy."
Pretty much closed down. It is some of the local neighborhoods that you need 
to watch yourself.

"Last time I was in Hawaii (1970s) it seems the Army Military Police were 
still in charge"
By the mid 1980's HASP was gone. The horror stories of HASP were well known.

I live in Clatsop County on the northern Oregon coast. A lot building and 
development has taken place on sand fill from dredging the Columbia River - 
the land would turn into quick sand. At the same time there is also a lot of 
very expensive real estate with prime ocean front views - you can guess what 
happens here. There is not a lot of options if an evacuation was needed as 
most escape routes will be easily clogged. If a major quake were to hit our 
area directly it could be weeks before the highways were passable. I am 
lucky my home is fifteen miles east of the Pacific. My wife is an RN, the 
hospital she works at is built on fill on what was once the shore line of a 
small bay on the Columbia River.

Jim Santee 


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