SDR Main Screen Keyboard Commands

Alt-1 to Alt-
8 Keys: Settings for input channels 1 to 8. Note: F1 through F4 (channels 1 - 4) or Alt-F1 through Alt-F4 (channels 5 - 8) can also be used to access the channel settings menu pages. F-5 Key: System settings. F-6 Key: Time Settings. F-7 Key: Alarm Settings. F-8 Key: Clears the screen and resets the history display buffer. 1 to 8 Keys: Single channel display mode. Also displays the current alarm point as a dashed line. Press the ESC key to quit this mode. A Key: Same as F-7 key. C Key: Clears the Auto Save count number at the top left of the screen. Also used to clear the Min/Max data points when your are in the single channel display mode. D Key: Toggles the debug mode. Used to debug the system (Level 1 and 2), WWV time correction (Level 1) or STA/LTA triggering information (Level 1 and 2) . E Key: Forces a Auto Save of all enabled channels. G Key: Forces SDR to test and possibly set the time using the GPS receiver. See GPS Time Correction Option for more information. H Key: Displays a Help screen. P Key: Forces SDR to test and possibly set the time using the comm port. See Using the Serial Port for Time Correction for more information. R Key: Replay Screen. Used to manually save an event file. S Key: Used to stop or reset an Auto Save from occurring. Alt-S Key:

Displays channel STA/LTA information when in the single channel mode display  (1 - 8 keys). 

T Key:

Same as F-6 X, Q or Ctrl-Q Keys: Exit SDR. Ctrl-D Key: Starts a DOS shell with SDR still running. You have about 4 minutes (~2 minutes at 100 SPS) before you start losing data. Type EXIT at the Dos prompt to return to SDR.

Note: When the system is in the alarm state (beeping) pressing any key (except the ESC key) will turn off the alarm until the system gets another event.

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