Replay Only Mode


Users who have more then one computer system on a LAN can run one or more WinSDR programs in the  Replay Only Mode. In this arrangement one system collects data from the A/D board and saves it to a local disk. This disk is shared on the network so other computer system(s) running WinSDR can map to the drive. The remote WinSDR system is then placed in the Replay Only Mode so that it does not try to communicate with the A/D board. In this mode the user can Replay and extract event files remotely over the LAN. 


Step 1: Allow sharing on the drive containing the daily record files. This is done in the My Computer Dialog box / Drive Letter / Sharing dialog boxes.

Step 2: On the system that will be used in the Replay Only Mode, map one of the drive letters to the shared drive in step 1. This is done in the My Network Places dialog box.  

Step 3: Install WinSDR on the second system.

Step 4: Copy the WINSDR.INI file and all of the channel INI files from the main WinSDR system to the Replay Only systems.

Step 5: Start the remote WinSDR and go to the System Settings dialog box and set the Comm Port Number  to None. This enables the Replay Only Mode.

Step 6: In the System Settings dialog box change the Record File field to the drive and directory containing the daily record files produced by the main WinSDR system.

Step 7: Also in the Systems Settings dialog box the  Request Control File field should be blank and you should change the Debug Log File to the directory where you installed the Replay Only copy of WinSDR. You may also want to change the Event File field depending on where you want to save the event files.

Using the Replay Only Mode:

When WinSDR is in the Replay Only mode the main Real-time Window will be minimized and Replay Control dialog box and display window will be opened for you. The Replay Control dialog box and Replay Display Window are used the same way as the main WinSDR system. If you use the Open File button in the Replay Control dialog box you should see a list of record files. If you don't, check your drive mapping and that you have the correct directory specified in the Record File field of the System Settings dialog box. 

Important Note:

 If you change the number of channels to record or the sample rate on the main WinSDR system you will also need to change the setting on the remote WinSDR system. Also, if you change any of the channel settings fields like the sensor location, sensitivity etc you will need to make the same change on the remote WinSDR system, or copy the channel INI file for the main system to the remote system..

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