Last Updated: 2/19/2014

Running 64-Bit Version Of WinSDR on Windows 7 and Above


WinSDR crashes when running the 64-Bit version on Windows 7.


This problem can be fixed by running the program as Administrator. To run WinSDR using the Administrator account use the Computer icon or use Windows Explorer and navigate to the WinSDR folder/directory. Select the winsdr64.exe file, right click and then select "Run As administrator". See JPG image below. You may need to enter the administrator password to actually run the program. The best thing to do is have your system boot-up automatically to an Administrator account. Another suggestion is to disable UAC on the system. Google "disable UAC Win7" for more information. 

GPS Problem - No Data from Receiver


GPS receiver locks up after a few days of operation. The following message can be seen in the WinSDR.log file:

No Data From GPS Receiver

When this happens the only way to correct the problem is to temporarily remove power to the GPS receiver.


This is a known problem with older Garmin GPS 18 LVC receivers. Too date this problem has not been seen with the newer GPS 18x receiver. It has been reported on a NTP (Network Time Protocol)  forum that the problem maybe related to WAAS processing. If this feature is disabled the receiver lockup will not happen. Since WAAS processing is not needed for accurate time keeping this "feature" can be turned off. We have released a set of firmware files for our Version 2 and 3 A/D boards. When this firmware is installed on the A/D board a command to the receiver will be sent to disable WAAS processing. The zip file contains the following files:

  • psdr31_nowaas.hex - For Version 2 A/D boards with PIC18F452 microprocessor

  • dsdr16_nowaas_3014.hex - For Version 3 A/D board with dsPIC30F3014 microprocessor

  • dsdr16_nowaas_4013.hex - For Version 3 A/D board with dsPIC30F4013 microprocessor

Users with Version 3 A/D boards should verify the microprocessor type, the 40 pin IC in a socket, before upgrading the firmware

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