WWVB Time Correction Option



This page documents how to use a WWVB receiver for WinSDR time keeping. This option is similar to the WWV Time Correction feature. To use Radio Shake's WWVB Radio Controlled Clock please see the web page at http://www.seismicnet.com/wwvbsdr.html for more information. Please note that this timing option is only supported on our older Version I ADC Board.

Hardware Connection:

The following information applies only to the Serial Output A/D board. If you are using SDR Server please see the SDR documentation here for information on how to use this option with my ISA A/D board.

The output of the WWVB interface circuit must be converted to standard RS-232 signal levels. A MAX-232 type of RS-232 interface IC chip should be used to convert the TTL (0 - 5V) signal level from the interface board to the +- 12V RS-232 signal levels. The WWVB signal should be connected to pin 1, the Carrier Detect line, of the 9 pin GPS Comm Port J3.    

WinSDR Settings:

To enable this option in WinSDR, go to the System Settings dialog box and select WWVB in the Time Reference Type drop down box. 

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